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    The Lady Of the Lily Pads

    This one has its origins in a photo by Micah, and was painted with his cooperation.

    The model (as some of you will already know) is the wonderful red-headed Ruby. I wanted to re-interpret the scene as an Impressionist might have painted it, complete with fuzzy outlines and eye-popping colors.

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    Simplicity itself.

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    32 Hues

    There are more than that, but you get the idea. The variety of colors in human flesh—around the feet, particularly—is pretty remarkable. Wishing to illustrate the fact, I painted this picture for purely educational purposes.

    The model is Nova, making her second gallery appearance. This is not her best side.

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    Triple Portrait of Julia
    This picture marks the debut of the astonishing Julia (center), pictured here with Julia (left) and Julia (right).

    Julia has red hair, which is all that any woman needs to be unforgettable. But she also has an elegant and curvaceous physique that is Rubenesque in the most complimentary use of the term. I am sure the Old Masters would have wrestled for the chance to immortalize her in art. Instead that privilege has fallen to me, and I hope I haven’t botched it too badly.

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    Now and then, people begin to take me seriously and treat me with respect. That has been happening here, and I want to put an end to it before it gets completely out of hand.

    This is what I do, boys and girls. I draw cartoons, and silly ones at that.

    Everything else you see here—abstracts, landscapes, portraits and certainly nudes—is created by slave laborers in third world countries. They earn three dollars a week and live entirely on thumbtacks and soup made from newspapers. 

    Thanks for all your compliments. But let’s keep things in perspective, shall we?

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    The Unleashing of Sorrows

    This is a dreary scene, painted as I was reading about the devastating plagues of the Middle Ages.

    Painted in the hues of rotting fruit and bruises, this image shows the crowned specter of Death (upper right) seated on a strange throne. Before him swirl indistinct shapes suggestive of horrible, nightmarish creatures. Behind him is a sky with a sun (or moon) the color of dried blood, into which the Sorrows fly on whatever cruel missions the specter has assigned them.

    Like my picture Ophelia, this is an evocation of the medieval mindset regarding life, death and human suffering.

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    Carley In a Woodland

    A long while back—eighteen months or so—Carly and I began to discuss the possibility of a portrait. But it wasn’t until she teamed with photographer Joshua Miller that we had a good selection of suitable reference material. So here—at last—is my friend Carly, in her gallery debut.

    The original scene was bathed in golden sunshine; but I have chosen instead a soft blue light that lends a subtle tone of mystery and (perhaps) magic. With her tall physique and angular features, Carly might almost be a Middle-earth elf in this natural environment.

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    Nova’s Red Robe

    I have always had a passion for clothing from the Far East, and for painting it: If I could slip a Japanese robe onto a bulldog, I’d call him beautiful and paint him.

    Fortunately this particular Japanese robe is worn by the lovely Nova, who makes her first gallery appearance in this simple portrait. I don’t know if the robe will return, but Nova will.

    I hope she leaves that bulldog at home.

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    To create this unusual scene, I felt obliged to summon the entirety of my knowledge of marine biological science.

    Fortunately I have almost none of that. 

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    This one is served with a dip of blueberry.

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    The Latin Lion

    Yes, I am aware that a female lion is known as a “lioness.” But a lioness lacks the remarkable mane that my model Candela describes as her “out of the shower” hair.

    Candela lives in Spain, which means that her actual visits to my studio are—well, nonexistent. I have seen her only in photos. The photo on which this painting is based is the work of her daughter Kika, whose talents are impressive.

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    Big Sassy

    I was sketching a perfectly ordinary figure when suddenly this proud and passionate African queen began to emerge, demanding to be drawn instead. Given the fiery look in her eyes, I thought it best to cooperate.

    Yes, she is a cartoon character; but it might be a good idea not to mention that in front of her. This is a lady who means to be taken very seriously.

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    Ypsilanti After Winter

    This began as a winter scene. By the time the middle tree turned red, I knew it wasn’t winter any more.

    This piece shows (I hope) the influence of Andre Derain and Matisse, the “wild beasts” of the turn of the 20th Century.

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    I have sketched hundreds of nudes, but so far this figure is the only one who is naked. There’s a huge difference: A nude is non-sexual and entirely comfortable with her condition; a figure who is naked is helpless, degraded and ashamed.

    At the time I created this picture, a friend had persuaded me to explore the increasingly popular art form of the graphic novel. I sketched the figure quickly in a style that might be suited to that genre. The result is rough, almost brutal.

    In an actual graphic novel, this lady would somehow end up with a weapon and wreak a hellish vengeance upon her tormentors. Heads and limbs would fly with appropriate SPLAT and BLAM noises; and ultimately everyone would learn not to mess with this dangerous lady. Unfortunately that is not likely to happen in this case, any more than it is likely to happen in so many nations where women are regarded as property.

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