1. vanfullersublime:

    A Violet Morning

    The title says it all, except for the fact that the model is Eliza.

    Thanks, Eliza.

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    Bather With White Pitcher

    This is a companion piece to my picture Bather. The model and general scenario are the same, but the palette and mood are quite different.

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    Sarah On Blue #2

    This is my second collaboration with Sarah Voss.

    The subject matter, composition and tone of quiet melancholy were inspired by Edward Hopper, though the (mostly blue) color scheme steers toward expressionism.

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    Self Portrait, 1922

    Here is my second self portrait in “Gatsby” attire. This one looks quite realistic at first glance, but it’s actually rather sketchy in execution. The lighting is moody and Baroque; the subject is moody and broke.

    This picture was painted entirely for the amusement of Ms. Marci Lopez.

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    Cristi Asleep

    Just between you and me, she isn’t really sleeping. She’s waiting to hear you tell her much you love the picture.

    So please do that.

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    Portrait of the Red Queen

    The queen is Queen Dandelion, who is neither a queen nor a redhead except in my imagination. Fortunately I have found that my imagination is more trustworthy that the nonsense that passes for reality.

    Gorgeously attired in imperial self-confidence, Her Majesty surveys us with an air of mildly condescending curiosity, as though we were the naked ones: If anybody ought to be embarrassed, it certainly isn’t this aristocratic lady.

    This picture is another collaboration with photographer Carney Malone.

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    The Little Fairy

    Of course it’s Marci, who is actually rather large for a fairy. But she is bursting with magic, all the same.

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  8. vanfullersublime:

    Triple Portrait, Version II
    Here is a very modern re-imagining of my previous triple portrait of Julia. This time Julia herself has been replaced by her three less-attractive stepsisters. 

    This picture utilizes flat cartoon colors and a style inspired by Picasso and Matisse, among others.

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  9. petitemarci:


    Marci: Green and Gold

    As a condition of my parole, I am required to paint at least two pictures of Marci every week. I am a bit behind, so here’s a new portrait of Tumblr’s most interesting and enigmatic woman. If you don’t follow her at petitemarci.tumblr.com, you are missing out on lots of great photos of glamorous people.

    And goats. She really likes goats.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 I’m delighted and honoured… as always

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    Cristi At a Window

    Here is the marvelous Cristi. She is red-haired, green-eyed and nearly six feet tall. She’s a professional model, actress and all-round glamorous lady.

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  11. vanfullersublime:

    Sarah In Sepia

    This is a large, almost monochromatic portrait of Sarah, one of my first digital models. I have unfortunately lost track of her, but if you recognize her please say hello for me.

    And tell her I’ll never forgive her for cutting off that hair.

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    White Pelicans

    True, they are not exactly white: I took some liberties with color, here and there. I am in an experimental phase, and this is a bit of Expressionism.

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    Marci In a Porkpie Hat

    Of all the people on Earth who don’t look like Buster Keaton (and that’s almost everybody) the one who doesn’t look like him most is probably my Colombian friend, Marci. I believe that sentence is grammatically flawed, but never mind.

    Well, Marci is a determined woman who won’t be told she can’t be Buster Keaton if she wants to be. So she dressed herself in a porkpie hat (she makes her own) and adopted Keaton’s typically solemn, world-weary expression. If you overlook the pretty face (which won’t be easy) you will agree that she has indeed captured the essence of the Great Stone Face.

    Somebody needs to give this lady a proper silk hat: I am sure that Harpo Marx is in there somewhere.

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    Bon Appetit

    Let’s wash our hands in case we get invited to the table.

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    Creek In the Rough Country

    A simple landscape, purely imaginary, that reflects the influence of Chagall and Cezanne.

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