1. The Entreaty To the Idol

    In the days of ancient Israel, the nastiest people on earth were the prophets of Baal, who worshipped their terrible god by tossing babies—babies!—into a pit of fire.

    Elijah, prophet of the god of Israel, resolved to knock heads with those baby burners. He proposed a contest: He and the prophets of Baal would entreat their respective gods to rain down fire from heaven, and whichever god responded would be worshipped as the Only Real God.

    The prophets of Baal went first. They danced and prayed and shouted; they blew their horns and beat their drums. Oddly enough, Baal did nothing. What did he want, blood?

    Fine, then: They cut themselves with knives. No dice. 

    Then it was Elijah’s turn. Elijah’s god did not disappoint, delivering a white-hot fireball that scorched the earth, melted stone and vaporized a ditch full of water. Elijah then executed all 450 of the prophets of Baal, just to tidy up.

    This great story features one of the Bible’s few instances of broad, sarcastic humor. Clearly amused by the priests’ inability to contact Baal, Elijah uses words like these to mock them:

    “Cry louder, boys! Maybe your god is asleep, or daydreaming! Maybe he’s on vacation! Or maybe your god is on the potty!

    Even those solemn Old Testament prophets enjoyed a good laugh, now and then.

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    Nova’s Red Robe

    I have always had a passion for clothing from the Far East, and for painting it: If I could slip a Japanese robe onto a bulldog, I’d call him beautiful and paint him.

    Fortunately this particular Japanese robe is worn by the lovely Nova, who makes her first gallery appearance in this simple portrait. I don’t know if the robe will return, but Nova will.

    I hope she leaves that bulldog at home.

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    32 Hues

    There are more than that, but you get the idea. The variety of colors in human flesh—around the feet, particularly—is pretty remarkable. Wishing to illustrate the fact, I painted this picture for purely educational purposes.

    The model is Nova, making her second gallery appearance. This is not her best side.

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    Gabby, Gold and Mauve

    Here is Gabby again, this time in a new hairstyle and a new painting style. This is a painterly image that I’ve left unfinished to emphasize the bold, thick strokes. Of course they aren’t really thick at all: This is a digital image, and the impasto effect is an illusion.

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  6. Pipe Smokers, Three of ‘Em

    Obviously this picture was taken years ago, with the good intentions of our modern age having made such a scene unthinkable and (perhaps) punishable by swift execution.

    These are indeed enlightened days. How I hate them.

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    Soft Morning Nude

    Later, the world will have hard edges and colors that scream for attention.

    But not now.

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    Don Vito

    Don Vito is the owner of my beautiful Colombian model, Marci. 

    It’s a tough name for such a little guy, but toughness is mostly a matter of the heart.

    Treat him with respect.

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    Smashed Patooties

    I have no idea.

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    Marital Bliss

    It’s a beautiful thing.

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    Kelly’s Bed

    Here is an impressionistic picture that might have been painted with a rainbow. The image is composed of many thousands of flecks of pure color; and the contours are soft and indistinct, suggesting the half-formed dreams that dance already through the mind of our drowsy nude.

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    Fleur de Lis Fantasia

    The theme here is New Orleans (symbolized by the fleur de lis) and the excitement of the entertainment scene in that city. The strings of lights are meant to suggest those of the famous Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone.

    This was a commissioned piece, and at first I did not expect to be able to list it; but the owner of the original has graciously granted her permission.

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    Ruby’s Morning Smile

    Usually I like to provide a bit of commentary; but here, I will let that smile do the talking.

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    The Dock of the Bayou Barge

    A few years back, this worthy vessel offered leisurely tours of the Louisiana bayous near my studio. Those tours have been discontinued, but at least I can remember them through photos, one of which inspired this picture.

    This may be my most traditional picture to date: The subject matter, style and muted palette are suggestive of the art of the early 19th Century.

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    Kava Kava

    Kava Kava is the ancient, sacred drink of the Polynesian islanders. It’s supposed have a calming effect on the drinker, who may become able to communicate with his deceased ancestors.

    I seldom even talk to my living relatives, so I never saw the attraction of that. All the same, I used to import it from Tonga now and then, hoping to enjoy some of its fabled relaxation benefits.

    How does it taste? Imagine that you have a very large dog that has played in the mud. You wash the muddy dog in a tub, using very strong soap. When you remove the dog, you drink the bath water.

    That is the taste of Kava Kava.

    As to the painting…

    Ah, never mind! I need a cup of coffee.

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