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    Stephenie: Study with Upraised Arm

    Here is a study for a picture that will probably never be painted. Studies have a way of being more interesting than finished work, so sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone.

    You will notice that Stephenie is a large lady. These models are always popular—as a rule, more popular than skinny ones. You may interpret this fact as you please: I think it means that people respond positively to those who are determined to be happy, even when society tells them not to be.

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    Pink and White Azaleas Outside the Artist’s Studio

    I will never be comfortable with impressionism.

    I’m a cartoonist by profession, which means that I like clean lines and flat colors. Impressionism is the antithesis of that, though its most famous proponent (Claude Monet) also began as a cartoonist.

    How he went from sketching funny faces to covering a canvas with thousands of colorful dabs and dashes, I really cannot say. But here I’ve done the same, and heaven help me.

  3. Josie and Jake

    I see a family resemblance.

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    Smoochie Regrets Having Ticked Off the Angel

    I have no idea what a cute little doggie could have done to inspire the wrath of Heaven, but it must have been worse than chewing up the bathroom slippers.

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    A semi-abstract image of vivid pink azaleas in southern Louisiana.

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    Thank You, Doctor Figwhistle

    This one means—oh, do I have to tell you everything?

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    Woman On Red

    Here’s a piece featuring subject matter suggestive of 19th Century Academy painting; but the casual strokes and color choices are suggestive of the modernists who mocked the Academy style.

    One of my favorite approaches is to match two styles against one another and wait to see which of them wins.

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    Mondrian With a Twist

    Actually it’s just another experiment with deforming software.

    Mondrian didn’t have deforming software, but it would have made his pictures a lot more fun.

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    Portrait of Ms. Marci Lopez

    Here again—again!—is my friend, muse and sister-in-art, the marvelous Marci.

    This time around, I thought it might be fun to paint her in the style of those life-sized formal portraits that old-fashioned socialites would hang above the mantelpieces in their parlors and libraries. Marci’s tastes and values are very much those of a gentler day, so I think this approach suits her nicely.

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    Mellow Yellow In Pink

    I’m just mad about Saffron.

    Saffron thinks I dress funny.

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    The Westboro Baptist Church Attacked By Flying Monkeys

    There are two types of people in the world: people who are members of the Westboro Baptist Church, and people who hate the Westboro Baptist Church.

    True, there are people—they’re in New Guinea, I think—who have never heard of the Westboro Baptist Church. But all of them would gladly hate it, given the opportunity.

    Let’s be clear about one thing: The WBC is by no means a Christian church of any kind. Every stripe of Christianity—meaning, everyone from Catholic clergymen to Pentecostal snake handlers—utterly rejects it as an offense to the gospel. Never before have I known such unanimity on a point of faith. It’s rather touching, in a stomach-turning sort of way.

    The “church” is comprised of less than a hundred people, most of them relatives of a creepy old coot who serves as pastor—and who is deranged and megalomaniacal enough to be stroking a cat and threatening James Bond. Fortunately he is blessed with the sophistication of a tater tot, so his evil can contrive nothing more than petty cruelties against the weak and grieving. 

    Now to the picture. Maybe you assume that there’s an interesting story behind it, but there isn’t: I was just thinking that it might be a good idea if the Westboro Baptist Church were attacked by flying monkeys.

    Be honest! You’ve thought the same thing.

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    How To Understand Art

    It’s true!

    Study the charts and diagrams contained in this montage, and you will understand art.

    Amaze your friends!

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  13. vansfigures:

    Dressing Her Lady

    Every time I resolve to delve further into abstractionism, I end up painting something with an extra helping of realism. Here’s the most recent example.

    The style here is similar to that of “cheesecake” magazine illustrations (usually painted in gouache) from the forties and fifties; and the subject matter (this could be a harem scene) has its roots in 19th Century Orientalism.

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    No, I don’t mean stark as in stark naked (though she is that) but stark as in stark contrast: Despite the fact that color has always been one of my passions as an artist, I have to concede that sometimes it is impossible to improve upon pure black and white. 

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    Big Bettie

    This is the first gallery appearance of Bettie, whose contribution is—obviously—quite generous.

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