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    No, I don’t mean stark as in stark naked (though she is that) but stark as in stark contrast: Despite the fact that color has always been one of my passions as an artist, I have to concede that sometimes it is impossible to improve upon pure black and white. 

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    Mambazha Kaalan

    The title refers to an Indian dish containing ripe mango pulp in coconut gravy with yogurt.

    That should be enough explanation. Mmm, coconut gravy!

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    Mechanism Of the Brass Panjandrum

    The panjandrum was an enormous cart with wheels ten feet in diameter, packed with explosives and powered by rockets, that was built by the British during World War II. Tests of the device proved disastrous, with the uncontrollable panjandrum shooting rockets in every direction, nearly incinerating onlookers.

    Today it is claimed that the project was a hoax intended to frighten the Germans. Maybe this is true, and maybe the British were just embarrassed by the thing.

    Now, the first use of the term occurs in this interesting 1755 quote from British actor Samuel Foote:

    "So she went into the garden to cut a cabbage-leaf to make an apple-pie; and at the same time a great she-bear, coming up the street, pops its head into the shop. ‘What! No soap?’ So he died, and she very imprudently married the barber; and there were present the Picninnies, and the Joblillies, and the Garyulies, and the grand PANJANDRUM himself, with the little round button at the top, and they all fell to playing the game of catch as catch can till the gunpowder ran out at the heels of their boots."

    As is often the case with my commentaries, none of this interesting information has anything to do with the picture.

    The important thing is that you learned something.

    In a way.

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    Her Lover’s Fingers

    Here is a so-called “big” girl, too big for the modern world of fashion, but perfect for art. A few hundred years ago, the Old Masters would have jumped at the chance to transform her into Salome, Mary Magdalene or Bathsheba. In those days, a beautiful woman was a woman with proper curves.

    The title refers to the strips of light and shadow that gently trace those curves like the fingers of a lover who seeks to commit each one to memory.

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    Little Green Portrait

    Here’s a small experimental portrait in a rougher, more painterly style than I usually employ for my portraits and nudes. I think a painting should look like a painting: It’s a revolutionary sentiment, but there you have it.

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    The Make-Believe Animal Race

    Lavender and orange: A color scheme you don’t see every day!

    If you look carefully, you may see the make-believe animals racing by. A pig-like creature at the lower right appears to be winning.

    Or maybe you see something else.

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    Arianna and Her Beloved

    Here is the marvelous Arianna, who has long been one of my favorite online friends—and it isn’t just because she sends me wonderful gifts, including two of my favorite walking sticks.

    Here, she poses casually with a fat wooden friend—a lover, in fact. But it is a celibate affair, and the story behind that fact is not a nice one.

    Some time ago, Arianna toured the Middle East. There she was befriended by—and betrayed by—human traffickers, who drugged her and tied her to a bed. There they attempted to groom her for sexual slavery. I will omit the details of her long, degrading ordeal. I will say only that she was reminded, at every point, that the only proper function of a woman is to serve a man’s needs.

    Further, I’ll omit the particulars of how she obtained her freedom: To this day, she maintains a high level of secrecy about the matter, and only after two years of (gentle) coaxing did I obtain permission to show you her face, and to provide this very abbreviated account of her ordeal.

    The good news is, the slavers did not break her spirit.

    The bad news is, they broke her fingers.

    Yes, they healed—but now they are crooked and stiff, unable to assume the nuanced  positioning required to play an instrument as rich and divine as the cello. The love between these two will never die, but the music—that’s another casualty in the War on Women.

    And I mean the real one.

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    Sunset, Elm Lake

    Here is the latest of several paintings I’ve made of Elm Lake, the little lake just outside my studio. The painting style is suggestive of Monet, but the colors steer more toward Expressionism.

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    Red Toenails

    Here is the beautiful Belle, fashionably attired in nail polish.

    Belle is hesitant to show her face due to a thick handlebar mustache that tends to alarm the unprepared.

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    Jack and Jill In Recovery

    This is how things looked shortly after that terrible hill accident.

    I hope Jack isn’t smoking a cigarette, but you never know about kids these days.

    I am pleased to report that both have recovered completely and have found government jobs.

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    DeSalle: Gown and Feathers

    Here’s Amanda Jean, aka DeSalle, courtesy of Keith at kayceephoto.tumblr.com. Please follow them both!

    We can see the shoulder strap of what is presumably a party gown; and certainly the feathers suggest that the evening has been pretty festive. But everything must end, and it seems that the lady is ready to call it a night.

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  12. Warning

    If I don’t gain at least ten followers today, the terrorists win.

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    Nettie’s Golden Room

    This picture is a collaboration with photographer G. Trimble, whose blog you should follow.

    Here’s Nettie Harris, one of the superstars of the Tumblr modeling world. Beyond her work with practically every photographer worth mentioning, Nettie is also writing and producing for the motion picture industry. She’s acting, too: Recently she appeared onstage in Macbeth and on television in the HBO series True Detective. She played a dead body. You think Laura Palmer was dead? You haven’t seen dead until you’ve seen Nettie Harris being dead.

    And alive, she’s even more impressive.

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    Nadine Theresa At the Hotel Le Bleu

    I have never been able to figure out how women make those turbans out of bath towels. I have come to think that certain secrets are reserved for the Sisterhood.

    Anyway, this is my first painting of Nadine Theresa, pictured here in an elegant Brooklyn hotel that’s decidedly out of my price range.

    It’s also my first collaboration with Daniel Brustien of Pixelsticks Photography, whose blog is followed by everyone who matters. 

    You matter, don’t you?

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    The Latin Lion

    Yes, I am aware that a female lion is known as a “lioness.” But a lioness lacks the remarkable mane that my model Candela describes as her “out of the shower” hair.

    Candela lives in Spain, which means that her actual visits to my studio are—well, nonexistent. I have seen her only in photos. The photo on which this painting is based is the work of her daughter Kika, whose talents are impressive.